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I am trying to direct download some files using basic authentication from, this works perfectly in browsers "", but i am trying to do the same thing in my application and nothing is working... i tried request header with pure email and password, i tried header with base64 encoded email and password , i tried to send a Post request with my credentials but i always get 401 error : Unauthorized. Does Anyone Know how can i send authentication in my http request to 1fichier servers ?

You can also direct download using "basic authentication" : add&auth=1to the URL. The server will ask for an authentication.'@' of the email address is invalid with this protocol and you must use '%' instead. cannot be used with VPN/Proxy- or Server-IPs.If you think you're falsely getting this message, contact the 1fichier support.This message is not related to the JDownloader software! 041b061a72


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