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David I Marks, Amy A. Kirkwood, Clare J Rowntree, Melanie Aguiar, Katharine E Bailey, Brendan Beaton, Laura Clifton-Hadley, Emma Lawrie, SooWah Lee, Andrew K McMillan, Anthony V. Moorman, Rachel J. Mitchell, Pip Patrick, Tobias F Menne, Paul Smith, Bela Wrench, Krisztina Zuborne Alapi, Adele K. Fielding; First Analysis of the UKALL14 Phase 3 Randomised Trial to Determine If the Addition of Rituximab to Standard Induction Chemotherapy Improves EFS in Adults with Precursor B-ALL (CRUK/09/006). Blood 2019; 134 (Supplement_1): 739. doi: -2019-123374


2023 Model Year configuration and pricing. 7 Wide 82 inch. American made Dexter axles. Black Exterior Color (per linear trailer foot). Dexter EZ-Flex Axles. Get torsion axle like ride at a spring axle price!. Sand Pad for Jack. 4 Wall ties, 4 Surface mount floor ties, Upgrade to 3/8 inch walls, Upgrade to Radial Tires, Interior mount, ATP Fenders. Self Adjusting Brakes. Ensure proper stopping distance every time you use the brakes without manual adjustments.. Black Mod Wheels in lieu of White Mod Wheels (add note for spare). Rear ramp w/ spring assist. 3,000 lbs. capacity.. Trailer: 123374 041b061a72


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