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The Technical Interview Guide To Investment Banking, Website (Wiley Finance) Books Pdf File

For undergraduates and MBA students, this book offers the perfect preparation for the demanding and rigorous investment banking recruitment process. It features an overview of investment banking and careers in the field, followed by chapters on the core accounting and finance skills that make up the necessary framework for success as a junior investment banker. The book then moves on to address the kind of specific technical interview and recruiting questions that students will encounter in the job search process, making this the ideal resource for anyone who wants to enter the field.

The Technical Interview Guide to Investment Banking, Website (Wiley Finance) books pdf file

I invite and encourage you to check out my book, How to Be an Investment Banker: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Landing the Job + Website (Wiley Finance). If you find this site useful for the investment banking recruiting process then I think you will enjoy the book. Basically, the book is an extension of this site covering in greater detail information about investment banking and lifestyle, recruiting and interviewing and the technical stuff that you need to know, including an overview of accounting, finance, financial statement analysis, valuation, modeling, M&A and LBOs.

A power-packed manual with practical tips and step-by-step instructions on every aspect of preparing for an investment banking internshipInvestment Banking InternshipMany investment banks offer internships in investment banking, with durations ranging from 3 months to 2 years depending on the profile you choose as an intern. And if you complete your internship successfully, you will undoubtedly see yourself as an investment banker in the near more and career. Learn how to nail the interview for a banking internship at Goldman Sachs. This quick read can help students understand the challenges and be better prepared to succeed.

A veritable source of information on how to land an investment banking job and gear up for a high-flying career in this intensely competitive field. The author explains the basics of investment banking and various job roles in an easy-to-understand manner apart from what any prospective employer looks for in a candidate. Readers will learn how to write an effective resume and cover letter, find useful recruitment advice and tips to prepare for a high-profileThe purpose of this Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers is simply to help you learn about the investment banking interview more investment banking job interviewInvestment Banking Job InterviewThe purpose of this Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers is simply to help you learn about the investment banking interview more. In short, an excellent guide to a successful IB job hunt.

If you are a beginner new to investment banking and are looking to break into the industry, you will need to be well versed in basic finance concepts since interview questions will test your financial knowledge. This includes knowing how to build a discounted cash flow (DCF) model, how to value a company, etc. By understanding the main concepts in these books, you will be better positioned to succeed as an analyst or associate.

Some reviews consider the book too basic, but if you are looking for a resource to learn the core technical principles, this is it. It also comes with an accompanying website with downloadable Excel templates. Some job seekers claim to have used it as an interview guide when recruiting for investment banking jobs.


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